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ITEM Capability
Layers 1-30
Thicker Copper 1-6OZ
 Products Type  HF(High-Frequency)&(Radio Frequency) board, Impedance controlled board , HDI board ,BGA
 Solder Mask Nanya&Taiyo ;LPI & Matt Red, green, yellow,white, blue,black
 Base material  FR4(Shengyi China, ITEQ, KB A+,HZ), HI-TG, FR06, Rogers,Taconic, Argon and so on
 Finished Surface  Conventional HASL,Lead-free HASL,Falsh Gold, ENIG (Immersion Gold)OSP(Entek), Immersion
 Selective Surface
ENIG(immersion Gold)+OSP, ENIG(immersion Gold)+Gold Finger,Flash Gold +Gold Finger, immersion Silver+ Gold Finger, Immersion Tin+Gold Finger  
 Technical Specification Minimum line width/gap:3.5/4mil(laser drill)
Minimum hole size:0.15mm(mechanical drill)/4mil(laser drill)
Minimum Annular Ring: 4mil
Max Copper thickness: 6OZ
Max Production size:900×1200mm
Board Thickness:D/S: 0.2-7.0mm, Multilayers:0.40-7.0mm,
Min Solder Mask Bridge:0.08mm
Aspect ratio: 15:1
Plugging Visa capability: 0.2-0.8mm
 Tolerance  Plated holes Tolerance:0.08mm(min±0.05)
Non-plated hole tolerance:0.05min(min+0/-0.05mm or +0.05/-0mm)
Outline Tolerance:0.15min(min±0.10mm)
Functional test :
Insulating resistance : 50 ohms (mormality)
Peel off strength: 1.4N/mm
Thermal Stress test :2650c,20 seconds
Solder mask hardness:6H
E-Test voltage :500V+15/-0V 30S
Warp and Twist: 0.7% (semiconductor test board≤0.3% )

Printed Circuit Board

FR4/2 Layer/1.6mm/1OZ/ENIG/Black Soldermask/White Silkscreen

FR4/2 Layer/1.6mm/1OZ/ENIG/Black Soldermask/White Silkscreen

FR4/4 Layer/1.6mm/2OZ/ENIG/Green Soldermask/White Silkscreen

FR4/8 Layer/2.0mm/1OZ/ENIG/Blue Soldermask/White Silkscreen

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